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Since 1999, the New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance has annually requested nominations to its “MOST ENDANGERED PLACES “ (MEP) list. The MEP program is a statewide initiative that promotes awareness of threatened cultural resources, including important historic, architectural, archeological and heritage sites and significant landscapes, open spaces as well as traditional cultural practices. In addition cultural heritage and other intangible cultural resources such as the New Mexico Night Sky have been nominated in the past and continue to be eligible. As a program coordinator noted, “each of the endangered resources holds a special place in our collective memory and helps to define who we are as a people, a culture, and a State.” Close to 100 sites have been added to the MEP list to date. Threats to their continued preservation have included ignorance, neglect, abandonment, and urban sprawl. A high percentage of the listed sites have been saved through the efforts of concerned individuals and organizations, once their endangered status became apparent. Nominations to the MEP list raises public awareness of the threat, creates support for the site’s preservation, and makes property owners aware of available resources, financial and otherwise, for the preservation and continued use of the site.

Nominations to the New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance 2013 Most Endangered Places program are now being accepted. The deadline for submitting a completed nomination is February 15, 2013. The completed form, and required attachments, should be emailed to MEP Committee Chair Lois Snyderman, A “paper copy”, with all attachments, should also be mailed to Lois at 912 Los Lovatos, Santa Fe, NM 87501. Be sure to include digital images (jpegs or tiff files) along with the printed images as part of the hard copy nomination package.

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What is NMHPA’s Most Endangered Places List?

Since 1999 the New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance (NMHPA) has been soliciting nominations from around the state for the 2011 MOST ENDANGERED PLACES  list in New Mexico. Listings have included historically and architecturally significant buildings, districts and archaeological sites as well as important cultural heritage and natural phenomena such as New Mexico’s night skies, all of which were endangered by neglect, inappropriate renovation or development.

More than 80 sites have been added to the MEP list to date. Many of these have been saved because listing raises public awareness of the threat to the site, encourages support for its preservation, and focuses attention on the resources available (financial and otherwise) for preserving it.

2010 – 2011 Most Endangered Places

Help save an endangered site by nominating it to the New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance’s 2011 MOST ENDANGERED PLACES list.

Most Endangered Places Archives

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